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"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it. There is no doubt that I can surely achieve it" - Muhammid Ali

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Aspiring Chicano scholar and internet entrepreneur Alejandro Antonio Jimenez, better known as G-Menez, designed an online intricate business and networking model through social media platforms. G-Menez operates as his own manager, music artist, audio engineer, music producer, podcaster, streamer, and YouTuber.

G-Menez loves to engage with people from all backgrounds in games, music production, streams, and podcasts. Through perseverance, dedication, commitment, and human kindness, G-Menez works to establish a successful online entrepreneurship model to enable the Latino community's upbringing into the realm of digital marketing. 

G-Menez Entertainment was found in 2021. He associates himself with exemplary non-profit organizations Palenke Arts, a multicultural arts organization based in Seaside, California, and Real Industry, a mentorship organization for university students. 

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