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About G-Menez

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Crafted in darkness, birthed on the day of holiness. A paradoxical birth, marked by the sinister alignment of fate on a day reserved for reverence. G-Menez, they call me—a name that echoes through the corridors of a musical realm I've crafted from the shadows. Birth name Alejandro Antonio Jimenez, I am an artist, a creator, but more than that, a conduit for the darkness that resides within. My journey, marked by enigmatic twists, began on December 4th, 1994, a date when the veil between realms grew thin.


Beneath the surface of that Sunday's innocence lay an omen. The number four, a harbinger of misfortune, whispered the same breath as death in the intricate language of the Chinese. It was as though the universe had cast its dice, betting on a life steeped in mystery, colored by the tenebrous shades of the unknown. The stars, too, had their say, labeling me not just a Sagittarius, but an Ophiuchus—an enigmatic thirteenth sign, its constellation eerily reminiscent of a coffin. Society, bound by its own ignorance, shied away from this cosmic revelation, rejecting the embrace of an unconventional truth.


In the dimly lit tapestry of my lineage, I emerged, a creation of Mexican migrant bloodlines, woven with stories of struggle and survival. My parents, both humble farmers, bore the weight of poverty as they treaded the path of uncertainty. In a land ravaged by the war on drugs, where desperation and danger danced hand in hand, they embarked on an arduous journey across borders, driven by the promise of a better life. My mother, with the secret of my existence nestled within her, navigated this odyssey of fear, longing, and hope.


I entered this world amidst shadows, a child of darkness brought forth by a mother who lived in perpetual trepidation. Violence and separation lurked around every corner, tainting the canvas of my infancy with strokes of apprehension. The very air I breathed was laden with curses, whispered incantations of a life defined by adversity. As I grew, the specter of my environment enveloped me—an upbringing punctuated by the dissonant melodies of gang violence and the alluring symphonies of substances that numbed the pain.


Yet, within this cacophony of chaos, a seed of defiance took root. A thirst for expression, an urge to turn pain into poetry, blossomed within me. Music became my lifeline, a liferaft adrift in the stormy seas of my existence. I embraced my alter ego, a sinister demon bearing a resemblance to Meliodas from the anime series 'The Seven Deadly Sins.' In him, I found an embodiment of my inner struggles, a manifestation of the shadows I refused to hide.


My creations, the offspring of my tumultuous journey, are a testament to the resilience of underdogs and misfits—the ones who've danced with darkness and emerged as survivors. Through melodies that echo pain and rhythms that pulse with defiance, I channel the collective heartbeat of those who've faced the abyss and returned stronger. My music, a symbiosis of darkness and artistry, offers solace to the souls who find kinship in their battles.


My story is one of rebellion against fate's cruel whims, a testament to the power of embracing the forbidden truths that lurk in the corners of existence. Neurodivergent, cursed from birth with the weight of bipolar disorder, ADHD, and among other disorders, I've forged my path despite the odds stacked against me. The very essence of my being challenges the status quo, defying expectations and transcending the boundaries of what society deems 'normal.'

In the realm of creativity, I forge my own path, carving a dominion where darkness and artistry intertwine. The struggle to ascend, to rise from the depths of adversity, is the heartbeat that underpins every note I compose. Like a demon king sculpting his throne from the bones of the past, I mold my experiences into the very fabric of my sound. 

Step into my realm, embrace the shadows and the light, and journey with me as I strive to claim my title as the Demon King of my narrative. With every beat, I inch closer to the throne I've envisioned, where darkness becomes an ally and music becomes a realm of boundless creativity and expression.

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